Contacting the Consorzio Tassisti Falconara means booking the safest taxi to arrive on time for an appointment. The kindness and helpfulness of the staff will be what distinguishes the booking service. The customer will simply have to fill out the form next, entering all his data, specifying all the coordinates regarding the trip (starting address, day, month, time, number of passengers and luggage and the possible presence of children) to allow staff to better organize and optimize the move.

Car Rent | Europcar

The Falconara Taxi Association Consortium has a very efficient network of services, including car rentals. For those who want to rent an extremely reliable and safe car, Europcar is the right company, perfect also for its location near the Falconara Marittima airport or in the city of Ancona. Europcar provides a wide range of services: transfer to the airport, excursions with private drivers and much more. Thanks to the qualified staff, Europcar is at everyone’s disposal and satisfies all the needs and requests for travel in a serious and professional manner. The drivers are at your complete disposal, just contact the following numbers: Phone. 071 91 62 240 Fax. 071 20 31 00

Shuttle | airport

The CFT also provides its customers with a shuttle service, which will allow them to reach the airport in extreme comfort and ease.
This service was born as a result of the main focus of the Falconara company, namely the customer and his satisfaction, in terms of experience but also economic, as the CFT offers very competitive prices in line with the quality of the service offered.
Below are the prices of the main transfers from the Raffaello Sanzio airport of Falconara Marittima to the most important hotels in the area:

List of hotels
Airport – H.Touring: € 20.00 Airport – H. Ego: € 30.00 Airport – H.Pineta: € 30.00 Airport – H.Federico II: € 30.00 Airport – H. NH: € 40.00 Airport – H. Palace: € 40.00 Airport – H. GH Passetto: € 40.00 Airport – H.G Osimo: € 45.00 Airport – H.Mastai: € 40.00 Airport – H.Terrazza Marconi: € 40.00 Airport – Hu.Duchi della Rovere: € 40.00 Airport – H.City ANCONA: € 40.00 Airport – Senigallia City: € 40.00


The Falconara Taxi Drivers Consortium – CTF – guarantees professional and precise services thanks to the establishment of relationships with partner companies, such as Europcar, Auto Europa, Hertz.
These companies assure, to the CTF, the rental of highly reliable machines, constantly revised and updated to allow the driver to perform a safe and efficient transport, always respecting the customer.
The partner companies guarantee the rental service with driver (NCC) for every type of occasion: a business trip, a pick-up of guests at the airport, a wedding, a trip to another location and much more. Each event is associated with a suitable type of car, to allow the guest to be welcomed and transported from one place to another in the best way.